I’ve had the pleasure of working several times with Freddie, 3 EPs and an album thus far, as well as a number of live gigs. Besides getting great sounding recordings, I always come away with more knowledge and insight into making music and capturing it than I had before. He’s got a great ear and top technical skills, and he’s a total music fiend so he “gets” what makes a good song and knows what rock’n’roll is supposed to sound like. I always know he will take great care in making sure that the results are the very best, and I look forward to working with him (and hanging out with him ) again. Cheers!

Brian Morgan
The Carvels NYC


Well before I booked sessions at Sierra Sound, I had the pleasure to observe Freddie Katz mix Darlene Love at B.B. King’s. As a soundman, Freddie is very astute. He really cares about the sound, takes his work seriously and has great pride in a job well done, as he deserves to do!

By the time I booked Sierra Sound NYC for recording vocal tracks and ProTools mixdowns, I knew Freddie would do a great job on my new tracks. He did not disappoint. In some studios, I wonder “what the hell did I just hear?”, but at Sierra Sound, my ears dialed right in. Freddie’s mixes were well balanced and impactful. I could hear everything.

What more could a pair of ears ask for?

Thanks Freddie, and see you soon – with guitars strapped on and plugged in!

Paul M. Martin
The Vipers


We’ve been working with Freddie on several occasions and he is the best! Great guy – great sound on stage – great sound out. Freddie Katz just totally gets it right! What more can you expect?!

Rocket Queen
Cocktail Slippers

Freddie Katz! I’ve had the opportunity to work with him in various capacities, behind the console in the studio, live and as an axe man, he’s great at all of them and its always been a pleasure…. Keep it up my man!

Jean Beauvoir
Crown of Thorns

“Do you need anything in your monitors?” Although this may be a standard thing a club sound man would ask, I could see his sincerity in making MY musical experience as perfect as he could, to my taste. Having recorded two full length CDs with Freddie and spending countless hours in the studio with him, I can say with confidence that Freddie is simply unmatched with his combination of knowledge and caring about music. He has an encyclopedic wealth of knowledge. He’s also the quickest cord wrapper in the west! (taught ME!)”

Patti Rothberg

I loved working with Freddie. He did a great job recording and mixing a project for me. He’s a pleasure to work with and has great taste and judgment. You’re in good hands if Freddie’s at the board or playing the guitar. Rave on Freddie!

Willie Nile

So many cool NYC music venues have bitten the dust over the past years, but few are missed more by me than the Fez. A perfect venue for so many types of shows, made all the more perfect by seeing Freddie Katz in front of the sound board when i’d walk in. Freddie’s attention to detail was unrivaled and his love of music was infectious. so much so, that when it came time to record a live CD (something I’d dreaded doing) knowing that FK was recording it put my mind at ease and likely resulted in me and the band getting to focus solely on the music. few hands were more capable.

Kenny White
Shawn Colvin
Peter Wolf

Freddie Katz lives, eats, breathes, and sleeps rock and roll. He cares about it in a deep and profound manner and possesses a vast knowledge of all things that rock. He brings this passion to all his work whether the material is his own, someone else’s or in my case ours (my band La Dolce Vita). His production of our 3 song EP brought our music to heights and possibilities I never imagined. I am lucky to have worked with him and have learned a great deal through our friendship.

Michael Imperioli

Jonathan Postal mailed me this piece of vinyl (San Francisco: Mostly Alive by the Readymades) and I was very impressed by the sound quality…thanks to the accomplished hands of Engineer Freddie Katz.

Ginger Coyote

Freddie was great to work with, and with all the chaos of setting up for a live album, his expertise in that arena helped make it go much smoother than expected.

Bree Sharp, Don DiLego (producer)

The sound quality that you get with your set up of analogue + ProTools is an oasis in a sea of acoustical torture and hope we can work together again some time.

David Amram